Meet Timea

Hi, I’m Timea Mareczki and I lived with alcohol addiction my whole life. I was born into alcoholism, I grew up with it, my father was a very bad and aggressive alcoholic, I married another alcoholic, and I became a chronic alcoholic myself, but now I’m in recovery for more than 13 years. On 17/10/2003 I gave up alcohol and any kind of mind altering drug or pill completely, and I haven’t had a sip since.

I had a very colorful life, I was born in Hungary, came here, to Australia with only two suit cases and 200 dollars in my pocket to build a new life. I almost lost everything through my drinking addiction, and I was dying inside and out when finally I decided to stay alive. In recovery, I still lived for another 7 years with my husband who drank every day around me… I lost my father in recovery, I got divorced, I lost my only brother through cancer, I went through hell again by watching someone close to me to get hooked on drugs… I was in Alcoholic Anonymous for 10 years, and we did a lot of work with thousands of other
alcoholics. We held meetings, visited rehab centers, and talked to groups about alcoholism 3-4 times a week. For over 10 years! I’ve got a lot of experience in these fellowships, and I’ve learned a lot about alcohol and other drug addictions. One day  I left A.A. and started to fallow my own heart… but I never ever drank again!

If you are struggling with your drinking problem, and you feel lost because you don’t know how to stop or you have no idea how to stay stopped, then I’m glad that you ended up on this site. I drank long enough and I am sober long enough to know how you feel…  I know how much pain and suffering you are going through by drinking too much, because I went through it as well. The Drinking World is a very Lonely World. We end up in this dark place where there is no light to be seen, and there is nobody that can understand you… And yet! There are many people who have achieved sobriety and many of us are very happy about it! It can be done, and if we could do it, then you can do it too, because I believe that  anybody can get sober, it just depends on how much you want it!

I was an absolutely hopeless drunk, I drank every day for over 26 years, – but now I don’t want it, and I don’t even miss it. That’s pretty cool! “How come?” I would ask, because I know that I’m NOT smarter than you are and I’m not stronger than you are! I just discovered that inner strength in my heart which gets people out of their own misery, because it’s your heart that grows your sobriety, and your heart that gives you the Freedom that you always wanted.

I need to tell you something straight away, because you need to be brave to get sober! Yes, it’s true, but don’t worry, I can tell you about a very smart move which will give you a shortcut and make it a lot easier for you right NOW.


Get help! I don’t mind who you choose, just choose someone! Somebody who has already won this huge battle with alcohol, someone who knows what’s going on with you and understand exactly how you feel. Everything will be 10 times easier when you no longer have to do it by yourself!


Well… that’s exactly what I do for problem drinkers and I would like to invite you to make a step towards to your freedom and recovery today. I’m a heart-centered alcohol addiction coach, I believe that every single human being deserves to live free not just physically but mentally as well. I believe I can show you the way to your Freedom and Sobriety regardless of your current state, and I would like to invite you to work with me as a team together. You can count on me to stand beside you, giving you the guide you will need and holding your hand to help you to get through any challenges. I’m committed to Freedom.  Tomorrow might be too late, and YOU know it, so if you ever need any feedback or support, I would be more than happy to connect through: [email protected] or simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with fresh insights and information I come across that I know you will find interesting and very helpful. I am here, and you can count on me to show up sober every day!



I created these programs for people who want to stop drinking. There are lots of people who don’t even know what they want, but with me it’s got to be straight and right to the point. You at least have to want it! If you know that you have a problem with alcohol, and you know that you have tried to stop drinking in the past but you couldn’t do it or you couldn’t stay sober, then you are talking to the right person here.  I’m an expert in that! If you want to be free of alcohol dependency and you want to live your life as you have always dreamed – I know how to do it because I did it myself!  And the good news about it is: If you truly and honestly want to stop drinking alcohol, and if you are willing to put in the work, then you will stop! As I already went through all the different stages of how to stop drinking, stay sober and be happy about it, I truly believe I could give you tremendous short cuts and ease your journey to your Freedom and Sobriety…



I have a very unique approach to drinking addiction. Everywhere you go with your drinking problem, everybody will ask you “how much do you drink and what do you do when you are drunk?” To me that’s a wrong question. Instead of analyzing the problem, we are questioning you.  By asking the right questions from you, you will see for yourself the root of alcoholism. You don’t need another opinion! You need to know! You don’t want another philosophy, you want to find out what the hell is happening to you and how to escape the suffering of your addiction! And that, my friend, is the key to your Freedom! What I’m sharing here is not a philosophy, it’s not a teaching, but it’s a discovery for you. Recovery through discovery is more powerful than anything else when searching for your solution…



I inspire and motivate people to overcome their alcohol addiction with all of my heart. How? Very simply: I speak to you and I speak to communities -through public speaking, workshops, audio or video recordings, group calls, written messages, online programs, coaching and mentoring individuals and groups. My ways to deliver The Message are different and always customized to the current person or group, as I always want to choose the most appropriate and needed topic for the current audience I’m talking to. I invite people like you to discover your biggest challenges and obstacles which pull you to alcohol over and over, and I’ll guide you through so that you grow and feel empowered to jump over them. You can count on me to carefully listen to you and your current situation with complete understanding as I’ve been there myself, and I’ll stand by your side as long as you need it…



As drinkers, we are totally unpredictable! No one can feel safe around us and WE don’t feel safe either… But if you want to stop walking around with your head down because you feel too nervous to look into people’s eyes, and you feel ashamed because you know that you drink too much, – then you are at the right place right now.



When you look into your children’s eyes and you don’t see the fear in them anymore, then you will know that something really good is happening to you… That’s what happens when people stay sober, and that is just the beginning my friend… Right now you don’t even have to feel ready for this, you just have to make a move! If you want it. I’m not here to try and convince anybody of anything. I won’t even tell you that you need this. It’s your decision, and you choose which Life you want. Do you want to stick with your Drinking or do you want to commit to your Freedom?? The choice is yours…

Anyway, I wish you all the best with your recovery
journey and thank you for dropping by.


Timea Mareczki


Founder of The Freedom of Sobriety

[email protected]