Today is another day, just as the usual…

The Sun gets up, then we get up, and no matter how I feel or what I think, the World keeps spinning.

Sometimes when I feel upset or tired of Life, I forget this simple harmony around me, and that’s the whole point of it.

Just because I forget it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there anymore!

Just because I can’t see something it doesn’t mean it’s not there!

The simple harmony about Life is so beautiful, and it is reliable because it never goes anywhere…


Timea Mareczki

Founder of The Freedom of Sobriety

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I was looking for Magic for a long time, and I didn’t know that the Magic was ME!

If you are interested to find out more about this concept, then you will really enjoy my new audio episode about it!

Have fun, and then let me know what you think of it. Leave your insight in the comment box below and share it with us.

Looking forward to hearing from

Take care and see you around!


Timea Mareczki

Founder of The Freedom of Sobriety

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I’m sorry guys but it’s not up to me at the moment… I can’t upload my new Episode to ITunes because there is some technical problems. But I uploaded it here, so you won’t miss out on this.



Falling in love with Sobriety is like falling in love with Yourself. While I was still drinking and having that certain lifestyle which goes with it, there wasn’t many lovable things in my life. And I couldn’t find many things in myself which would be lovable either…

But since I stopped drinking, it became a different story and I became a nicer person. Not just with other people, but with myself too.

I would be really interested about your experience in this field and looking forward to hearing it. So, leave your insight in the comment box below and share it with us here.

Take care and see you around!music-note


Timea Mareczki

Founder of The Freedom of Sobriety

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Today I just do what I can, because sometimes Life is like that…

Many of you know that I have an amazing Podcast Recovery Channel on ITunes, called The Freedom of Sobriety and yes, I absolutely love that podcast! I truly enjoy running it and I love every single moment of it!

I started this podcast on ITunes 5 months ago and it was going really well.

Until now…


As I was having some problems with my website, we had to change a few things and that seemed to cause some errors in the system. Suddenly I cannot upload any episodes to ITunes because of this error!

OMG! I thought. Since I’m not a tech savvy girl at all, I asked the technical support team to fix it, but even they are having difficulties working out the glitch…

I know it’s pretty bad because you guys are used to it by now- that you get a new episode regularly at the same time, 5 days a week!

But panicking about it is not going to help me at all, and since waiting is the Devil itself sometimes… I had to come up with something else…


I thought to myself;20160328_105452

What the hell am I going to do now??

Well, since the problem is not at my end and there is nothing I can do about it right now (except pushing the technical team to fix it, -which I do for sure!) I thought I’ll do whatever I can to with what’s available to me.

If I can’t talk to you, then I write to you! Read more “A LETTER FOR YOU”


I always wanted somebody else to help me, rescue me, fix my problems and support all my needs in Life.

Well… it didn’t really work out that way…

I had to came to a place in my heart where I could embrace the discovery that I am the only one who can take responsibility for my life.

And I’m glad I did.

I stopped blaming others for my misery.

And I’m glad I did.

I stopped waiting for somebody to lift me up.

I stood up on my own!


Timea Mareczki

Founder of The Freedom of Sobriety

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