Maybe it’s hard to believe for many people, but living with an alcohol or drug addiction is a very difficult and painful life. We often feel trapped and hopeless in our addiction, and we have many reasons to believe that there is no way out from this self- created prison, or that it would be very hard to find one…

The stories and beliefs we have in our head about our addiction is the biggest barrier itself. We end up with so many misbeliefs and false perceptions of not just ourselves, but of the whole World around us as well. It doesn’t matter if our perception and our beliefs are false and illusory, because while a belief is deeply believed by the person; it becomes real and very powerful for that person!

That’s why I discovered that nothing else would really set free an addict or alcoholic, but the Truth. The truth about those very beliefs that keep us in addiction, and the truth about who we really are, not what we “think” we are. Nothing but the Truth will set you free, because Truth is the only Power which is strong enough to reveal our own lies and misunderstandings about addiction.

The way to find out the truth is very simple to me. When I’m looking for answers, I ask questions first. I start to investigate, inquire, have a deep look at the matter and then I ask questions. But I wanted to let you know one of my most profound discoveries of this method of inquiry. I cannot just ask any useless or meaningless question; no! I need to ask very good and very honest questions  -if I want to find any worthwhile and honest answers.

I know it makes sense and sounds very logical, but I have to admit that this was very scary to me at first. As a matter of fact, I was absolutely petrified of it! And do you know why? Because when instead of labeling and judging everybody else as I did before, when I started to ask questions, I found out very quickly that there was nobody else really to question but my own self! And that was the scariest and most vulnerable experience ever in my whole life, but this was the most rewarding one too!

I had a very strong and very damaging opinion about myself before, and that’s why I was so scared to have a deeper look. But when the fear of what I could possibly find out about myself didn’t stop me anymore, I also find out that this was just another false belief and misunderstanding about myself. I was petrified that I was going find that I was a horrible person. But instead I only find out that I was a fool… I was mistreated by many people around me and I was fooled by my own conclusions of them…

I always thought I was in that pit because I wasn’t strong enough, I wasn’t smart enough and I wasn’t brave enough, -until I found out that I didn’t have to be! All I needed was to be brave enough to face myself, and when I discovered that I didn’t have to be smart or strong, I just needed to be honest,  -that gave me the strength to do it.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a massive illusion built by many strong and deep seeded misbeliefs and misunderstandings. But when you are brave enough to face this demon, you will find out that it is nothing more and nothing less than just a shadow of a made up boogeyman in the mind.

If you don’t believe me, that is beautiful my friend! I don’t want you to believe anything after all! I want you to find out and discover the Truth about it yourself! Because when you do, then you will know for sure and then you will be Free once and for all!

If you ever experienced this Freedom from your suffering of addiction, it would be liberating for us to hear about it. I am always very interested to learn from other people’s experience and you would be more then welcome to leave your comment below.

Take care and see you around!

Timea Marecki

Founder of The freedom of Sobriety

[email protected]